Spa tours are one of the best recreational activities available when you don’t have days to go on a vacation but need a break from the constant stress and workload your body is bearing. Oftentimes people believe what we eat or drink before or after a spa has nothing to do with the massage itself, as projected by the films we watch, but the reality is far away, you need to have a specific kind of food before and after a spa day. The fantasies of having a spa while having a glass of wine in hand can be fatal to your life. The main motto of having a spa day is to release muscle tension, overeating before a spa is not a good idea as your body needs to relax and set loose its muscle, for the pent-up stress to be released.  Let’s talk about the importance of hydration and nutrition one by one.

Importance Of Hydration

Often people complain about the amount of water some therapists demand them to drink, before or after a spa, the whole point behind this is when we put stress on specific points of the body s as it releases stress and muscle tension, along with that toxins are also released which needed to be extracted out of the body, water washes away these toxins out of the body via urination. Further water also lowers the body temperature to its natural state. It has also been observed that while manipulating the muscles the body may release water in any form, which further results in dehydration, aka the reason behind the sudden dizziness when you get up suddenly after a massage. Spa days Staffordshire often puts more focus on their customer drinking water as during massages the rate at which the body uses water splurges up.


The other big dilemma one faces while spa breaks are when should he or she eat- before the spa or after.  Ideally one should not eat and immediately lay down on the spa table, and eating just after the spa session is a big NO!- advises the spa days Staffordshire. Now the next big question that needs to be addressed is what to avoid- alcohol, coffee, junk with a big no! The reason why it is not advised to take high carbs is they would disturb the digestive system and in massage as I already mentioned we put stress on some pressure points so that the muscle tension aka the stress is released.

Further, one can take warm baths to further relax their body, and if you are like me and can’t function without coffee make sure to have your cup of joe before the massage as it may hurdle the loosening of your muscle, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water, if possible make it lukewarm.