Concrete has a tendency to crack no matter how well the installation work has been done. But there is a solution to stop concrete from cracking is to apply the epoxy concrete coating. So, if you have concrete floors in your house, then you can apply the epoxy floor coating on it. But before applying, you need to clean the floor surface with a chemical stripper to remove all dust, dirt, oil and grease from the floor. Then you have to apply some heavy-duty shop vacuum to clean the floor completely and make sure that there is no dirt, oil or grease remains in the cracks of the floors. Even at this stage, you can also use some sandpaper to remove the grease from the floor and the soap vacuum can completely remove the dust particles from the floor. So these are few steps which you must follow before applying the epoxy concrete floor coating.

How Would You Apply Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating?

  • Apart from that, after vacuuming the floor, you need to rinse all the debris from the floor surface with clean water. Use the scrub to clean the floor again and again because you must ensure that there will be no oil and dust particles remaining on the floor.
  • For applying the epoxy concrete floor coating, you need to use a roller and paintbrush. You need to use some tapes and sealers to cover the ventilations areas of the rooms and floors. After cleaning the floor, you need to let it dry and wait for 6 to 7 hours before you apply the next coat.
  • Then you can mix the concrete membrane and apply it with the paintbrush on the floor, you have to apply it for three to four times. Do not use the floor for one to two days after applying the epoxy concrete floor coating. Most of the people repair their garage floors with epoxy concrete floor coating because through this way, they can seal the cracks on their garage floors. These coatings are cost effective, and you can apply these coatings with your DIY skills. Still if you have any problems then you can call the professionals to repair your concrete floor and they will repair the cracks, holes and damages on your concrete floor with epoxy concrete floor coating.

Why Would You Apply Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating?


Concrete floorings can easily get affected by grease, oil, dust and heavy foot traffics. So after a certain time, you need to repair your concrete flooring with some epoxy concrete floor coating. It is durable, cost effective and people can easily repair their concrete floor within short time by this process.

  • Many factory owners and homeowners choose the colored floors and these colors fade away after few years. Apart from that, due to wear and tear, and heavy foot traffic, the concrete floors can get affected. So in this case, you need to re-do the concrete floor and polish it with some epoxy floor coating. Else you need to replace the whole concrete floor and it will cost you heavy amounts. So to avoid these unnecessary expenses, you can just go for epoxy concrete floor coating.
  • For your commercial property, you need to take care of your flooring with all possible ways because your customer will see your floors as they enter the building, and if you do not maintain the floor properly, then it will reflect a negative impact on your business. So it is better to keep your shine of you floor and for that, you just need to apply the epoxy concrete coatings on the floors.

So now you can contact with a reputed concrete polisher and they will help you to apply the epoxy concrete floor coating on your floor.