Design Within Reach Coupons favorite interior design trends for autumn 2016. With the weather starting to transition and the new season in sight, Design Within Reach Coupons rounded up a few of their favorite interior design trends for autumn 2016.

Colors are taking an ethereal turn this season with mineral greens and sophisticated blues dominating Pantones color palette. Cool tones and under-the-sea turquoise help keep your décor sleek and modern without relying on whites and neutrals.

Express Yourself

Over on Happy Interior Blog, they are highlighting the Collage trend. It is all about mixing and matching vivid colors with strong lines and clean geometric shapes.

Uniqueness is key, so it is a great opportunity to unleash your inner interior designer and really have fun with your decorating.

Neon Lights

When fabric experts Pattern bank visited The London Textile Fair, one of their favorite takeaways was the Electric trend. It is all about reclaiming light and color, with neon hues playing a key part in capturing look.

The Great Outdoors

Outside is moving indoors this season, with an increasing demand for furniture that brings you back to nature. Rustic woods, natural tones and simplicity are the main themes of this trend, creating an interior that feels relaxed and outdoorsy without losing sight of modern style.

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