If you are the owner of a restaurant business that happens to have an outside patio, you are well aware of the inconveniences that come with having to constantly monitor the weather. If there is heavy rain, you have to get your customers back inside and dis-assemble your tables in time before everybody gets soaked. If it is a hot summer day with the sun shining brightly, customers would like to be able to eat outside while having protection from the sun’s blistering temperature. If you are looking for a low-cost and easy solution to install, then arm awnings are exactly what you are looking for.

What Are Arm Awnings?

Arm awnings are a type of cover that is attached to a building’s wall, and provide a temporary roof for those who are staying under it. The roof itself is typically made of a fabric or vinyl base, with a metal supporting structure to keep the roof in a rigid shape. An advantage of installing these covers in your restaurant is that they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and easy to set up. You can always have a professional service install them for you if you do not want to do it yourself. There are many sizes and shapes of arm awnings available to choose from, based on the size of your building and the specifications that you are looking for. If you are concerned about portability and storage, folding arm awnings allow you to manually unfold them when in use, and fold them back to their compressed state when they are not being used.

What Features Are Found in High-Quality Awnings?

You want to search for a good polyester fabric material for the ‘soft’ part of the arm awning. These plastic materials are built to be durable, and withstand extreme rain and heat conditions without deforming or losing the ability to protect the people underneath it. The next thing to check is that the metal support is made up of solid material, such as stainless steel or aluminium, which will withstand strong winds and not be subject to rust over a long period of time. If you are picky about whether the folding of your arm awning is powered by a motor or done by hand, there are plenty of options available for this feature as well. The only thing to take note of is that a motorised arm awning will usually cost much more than one that is manually assembled and disassembled.

If you have a large budget and wish to purchase extra features for your awning, there are special sensors that are made to detect the wind and the sun during harsh weather periods. Based on the sensor readings, the awning will either open or close on its own without any need for human input. It can be programmed to open or close at certain levels according to your own preferences.

Arm awnings can be a great investment for your restaurant to ensure that your customers have the best outdoor experience possible. As long as you know exactly what you need out of these fashionable outdoor covers, they will likely give you more business and increased profits.