The thought of installing a pool appeals to many people, but it’s also prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. It’s also something that you can’t take with you if you ever decide to sell up and move home. This makes it a potentially bad investment. But what if you could gain some of the benefits of a pool at a lower price that was less disruptive and could also be moved with you? If you look into installing a portable spa, you could have all of these benefits!

The Health Benefits of a Spa

It might seem as though the spa is the poor cousin of the pool when it comes to direct health benefits, but soaking in a spa offers some very positive benefits in a much smaller and cheaper package. Think about the following:

  • When most people think about soaking in a nice hot spa, they think about relaxing and unwinding from the stresses and anxieties of the day. In fact, this is one of the key health benefits of having a spa! Using one regularly at home can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, not only because you’re possibly sipping a glass of wine whilst soaking, but also because you can make it a social occasion and share the space with friends and family. A spa provides both physical and psychological relaxation.
  • Sitting in a warm spa also improves your circulation. The heated water will raise your body temperature and dilate blood vessels around your body. This improves the flow of blood and can even help older people suffering from arthritis and other musculoskeletal illnesses.
  • The bubbling jets of water will stimulate nerve endings, providing a hydrotherapeutic massage for sore and tired muscles. Turned on at full pressure, you will also find that the pressurised jets will deeply massage your body and get the blood flowing and speed up the healing of any muscle or tissue injuries.

Given all of the potential health benefits of a home spa, why wouldn’t you seriously consider having one installed? If the thought of having to leave it behind when you move has been playing on your mind, these days you can invest in portable spas that offer all of the benefits of regular spas and can move with you!

A Spa Is a Whole New World!

Now that you’ve decided to investigate the benefits of a portable spa, you’ll also be pleased to know that they also come with a range of new technologies that promote better health, cleanliness, sanitation and usage.

For example, many spas now come with Clearzone technology, which provides an effective barrier to germs and bacterial growth. And because our world is now connected and networked, modern spas also feature energy-saving and Wi-Fi–connected controls that can be turned on and off using a smartphone app! This means that you can literally turn on your spa before getting home from work so that it’s ready for you to jump into! Investing in a spa is definitely no longer for the rich and famous.