Garages provide a lot more than just shelter for the car, they are the perfect place to store things like gardening equipment, bicycles, and outdoor furniture in the winter months. There are many different designs, with some attached to the house, for convenient access, while others are stand-alone buildings, which are usually located near the living quarters. Many older properties were designed before the automobile became popular, and providing there is sufficient space, a garage or carport is a valuable addition to any home. Some people prefer to construct a bricks and mortar garage that is in keeping with the character of the house, yet with modern materials, one can achieve this using much lighter and stronger composites, while taking nothing away from the original architecture.

Double garages are popular as they can accommodate several vehicles, and still provide extra storage space.  A larger garage is ideal for indoor activities, by taking the vehicles out, there is considerable space that is ideal for rained off birthday parties, or other family activities. A large garage can be converted into a workshop, with folding units that allow for the vehicles to be safely parked at night.

An alternative solution

A carport is a structure without walls, although it is usually attached to the side of the house, and with supports at the other end, it provides a roof over the space next to the building. Walls can be added at a later stage, which makes the area weatherproof and more secure. A carport can be used as a shady area for any social event, with an open design; it offers a relaxing place for dinner, or a relaxing drink. Roofing can be a flat or gabled construction, giving you more design options. Carports are ideal for those warmer climates, allowing a free flow of air, and with screenings added, your car will be protected from wind and rain.

Made to measure solutions

If you have the space, why not design your own private shed where you can do your own thing in comfort.  A customised shed is ideal for serious hobbyists who need to have their own special area, complete with the tools they require. If you are looking for sheds in Nowra, there are reputable suppliers who can assist you in choosing the right design.

Commercial units

Farmers are always in need of protective cover, with livestock and crops to protect, and there are modern solutions that use non-corrosive materials that extend the life, while offering a high level of protection. These sheds are low maintenance, and sections can easily be added or removed, according to your needs.

Professional installation

With garages and sheds, it pays to consult the experts. Your local supplier will have a wealth of experience in supplying and installing all kinds of exterior housings for a variety of purposes. The designs and materials used today offer an attractive and durable solution for all your storage needs. Storage space is a constant demand with all the appliances we own, so a small additional building can solve all your exterior storage problems.