Candle soot is one major turn-off when using a candle. We use candles for various reasons, from decorative splendor to spiritual activities. However, burning a candle with plenty soot is not cool.

Are you tired of wasting money burning candles and cleaning off dark, thick soot? Come onboard as we take yours through tips that will help you have a better experience.

What Causes Candle Soot

Soot is produced as a result of incomplete combustion. Some factors cause incomplete combustion. But the two most common reasons are the kind of wick in the candle and the balance between the wax and the wick.

Like you must have observed, the fuel that powers the candle is the liquid candle wax that goes up the wick at a steady rate. When too much wax is melted and not burned out, the excess fuel might give off soot.

Also, when the wick is disturbed and is no longer consistent, the candle flames will be altered to give off soot.

Even the best Wiff candles can give off soot if not burned correctly. You know the damages soot can cause to your home.

So how can you prevent your precious candles from burning off soot?

Avoid Burning Candles in Drafty Areas

Ensure you do not light up your candles in drafty areas. Areas such as near a fan, air duct or an open window. Failure to do so might lead to the production of thesignificant amount of soot. Burning a candle close to a drafty area causes the flames of the candle to burn irregularly. The wick will take up fuel at a different rate. When it takes up too much fuel that will not be thoroughly burnt, the extra fuel will go off as soot in the atmosphere.

Use Open Bottom Hurricanes and Vases

Many times when we use candles for decorative purposes, we tend to burn them in an open bottom hurricane and vases in other to prevent draft. However, this is not entirely true. Using an enclosure to protect the candle from draft has its shortcomings. Your candle needs oxygen to burn efficiently. Burning your candle in an enclosure cuts off the oxygen supply, and your flame will struggle to burn.

Once the flame cannot get enough air, the fuel is not entirely burnt, and this can lead to the production of soot.

Instead of using a container or vase open at one end, you can get a vase that is open at two ends. This way you will be letting in the adequate amount of air that will keep the candle burning efficiently.

Purchase Quality Candles

This is just the best way to avoid all that soot in your home. Whenever you shop for candles, ensure you go for well-known brands that are trusted to make quality candles. An experienced candle manufacturer uses the right wick, the right wax, fragrance, and candle size to make the best burning candles.

Do not fall for cheap candles that are sold all over the internet. You will only end up losing your money and having regrets.

The following tips will help you get the right candle and avoid annoying soot that leaves stains all over the place.