A conference or boardroom is never complete without conference tables and chairs. Every company would like to hold a meeting in a comfortable and spacious place. An ideal conference table is designed to meet the different specifications of a conference room in the company. Notably, most of us cannot choose effectively the right conference tables that can accommodate every guest. Before you start looking for the right conference table that can meet your specifications, it is vital that you consider the following tips.

Table size and room dimension

Based on the number of guests or business partners the conference room is supposed to accommodate, you can determine the size of cool and unique conference tables you need to have. More luxurious meetings take place in conference rooms with spacious tables. Calculate the amount of space you can allocate per person then use the measurement to determine the size of tables. A 40-inch conference table is an ideal table to accommodate many guests in a row. Note that, the conference table size you select determines the number of tables and complement furniture you should buy.

The number of people to attend the meeting

The number of people you are expecting to attend the meeting can as well determine the number of tables you need in the conference room. Each person attending the meeting should be comfortable. This means that you have to determine the table measurements based on the number of visitors expected.


Most people prefer wooden conference tables because of their ability to absorb sound and create a relaxed atmosphere ideal for meetings. Based on how long you want your table to last, and your budget, you can choose which material fits your demands. You could go for the glass-topped, wooden, or plastic top conference tables.

Interior décor

Depending on the interior design of the conference room, you can determine the right conference table. Engage your interior designer to help you in selecting the right conference table. Also, you can choose the overall table style based on the office theme. This will improve your company image and show competence and consistency.

Table style

Although many people may not consider it, the style of the conference table says a lot about the level of professionalism in the company. You do not want to look ordinary by buying common tables in the market when there are many furniture manufacturers that can customize your conference tables. Consider coming up with unique conference tables that can market your company brand while still maintaining functionality and usability.


Like other furniture in the office, the conference tables tell us more about your company. Choosing cool and unique conference tables that match your company’s image and brand helps to depict the level of professionalism employed in your business. The tips provided here can assist you in choosing the right conference tables without any hassle. Remember, you can always get a perfect meeting table, if you take your time.