Australia has always been well-known for its booming housing industry. The good thing about the industry is that it is eclectic and it continues to evolve. Housing industry professionals like home builders,  designers as well as air conditioning Sydney experts are always reinventing the designs and styles they offer to clients.

California has one of the most dynamic and diverse housing industry in the world, which is why no one can blame Australian realty companies to follow its lead. California housing has since been exposed to numerous architectural styles; this is why you can see different home styles in the said state. In the 19th century, for instance, certain types of house designs were copied from the styles known in the east coast of the United States. Other styles emerged over the turn of the 20th century leading to the World Wars, with some fading into obscurity to pave the way for fresher types of home design. With the housing explosion after the World Wars, wherein single-family houses were mass-developed, newer home designs emerged that would make California homes what it is today.

If you are into the California style and design of house, knowing your choices is a must. Here are some of the house designs popular in California today that you may find ideal enough to be your home’s design:

  • Cape Cod. This style of home in California is inspired by the thatched cottages of Britain. The ones standing today were built after the Second World War and was the first home design to be used in the mass housing development in the city.
  • Ranch. Also known as the California ranch, it is a home design style known for its long but low profile, large windows, and minimal use of decoration from both the inside and outside. It was first built in the 1920s to reflect the casual living of the America’s Wild West, but it became the style of choice for most of the middle class citizens in the city, particularly from the period after World War II onwards.
  • Craftsman. This style of home is very well-known because of the emphasis on the components used for building it; brick, wood, and stone. Characterized with wide front porches on its façade and low-pitched roofing, it became a widely popular home design style from the period of the 1920s leading up to the 1940s.
  • Mediterranean. Inspired by the architecture in this part of Europe, it became a widely popular home design style in California housing during the same time as the Craftsman type. Borrowing from the hacienda style of housing characterized by its arches and red tiled roofing, this style has undergone a revival as of late.
  • Spanish. This style is obviously based from the colonial architecture of the Spanish who first settled in the California area. Some of the types under this home design style of California homes are inspired by the churches that were built by the Spanish missionaries. It is characterized with clay roof tiles and arched porches and corridors, to name a few.
  • Contemporary. This style emerged during the time of the mass housing development boom that occurred after World War II. It usually comes in various designs and forms, and they usually put into account eco-friendliness; for example, the use of natural lighting and use of sustainable materials for the construction of the home such as recycled materials.

These designs prove that you should not limit yourself when it comes to choosing the right design, layout, air conditioning Sydney, furniture, fixtures, and layout for your next home. You may go for simple home or you may go for more complex and sophisticated ones. The bottom line is to choose the one that suits your lifestyle and preference.